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College & Career Center

The VBGC College and Career Center aims to equip all its members and their families with the necessary tools to navigate the post-secondary system. To realize the aforementioned goal, students enrolled in middle and high school receive individualized academic counseling and are exposed to the four systems of higher education in California, including: the University of California, California State University, private universities and community colleges. In addition, our Scholarship Program has awarded over 2.4 million in financial support to our Club members attending college.

College and Career Center Programs:

College Club

Members at the elementary level are exposed to various colleges/universities through interactive activities, such as college monopoly and college bingo as well as college field trips, presentations, and guest speakers.

Junior Heroes

Teaches our members the importance of community service and leadership by volunteering and helping those in needs. Our Junior Heroes have volunteered at various organizations such as the North Central AnimalShelter where they made recycled chew toys and played with abandoned pets. Additionally, our members began a recycling program at the Variety Boys and Girls Club and continue to mail cheerful letters to military heroes, cancer patients, and the elderly.

Girl Scouts

Teaches girls the importance of leadership and sisterhood. Specifically, our members earn badges that represent milestones in their Girl Scout journey. Our Girl Scout members learn to be bold leaders who are resourceful, kind, respectful and wise.

Graphic Design

Members explore preliminarygraphic techniques using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Each week, members will learn a tool from Illustrator or Photoshop that will help develop their creativity. Additionally, members will learn about typography, editing, and design.

Journalism Club

Exposes members on how to design, format and write for a newspaper. The goal is for our members to be exposed to a particular career, learn basic graphic design and improve their writing/editing skills. Additionally, members document events occuring at the club, design the newspaper layout, conduct interviews and photgraph monumental moments to publish in the VBGC Edition, the Journalist club’s publication.

Culture Club

Members learn about various cultures every week through activities, field trips and presentations.

The Junior Inventors

Members utilize their critical thinking skills to develop, create and execute a new invention or product.

Math Club

Members learn addition, subtraction and multiplication through various activities including math bingo, math Jenga, and multiplication flashcards.

English Club

Members learn grammar and parts of speech through interactive activities.

Spelling Bees

Members strengthen their vocabulary by learning the spelling and definition of new words.

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