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Tech Center

Tech Center

Our computer lab coordinator provides instruction on digital literacy for youth of all ages and skill levels. This includes an introduction to the computer, internet, and other basics, as well as more advanced training through Boys and Girls Club curriculum.

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SKILL TECH: BASIC Training An engaging, hands-on program that appeals to members of all ages and technical abilities. Through three levels of animated online lessons in either English or Spanish and instructor-led group activities

SKILL TECH II Teaches advanced, yet practical, technology skills to Club members. It features eight-session modules in either English or Spanish for beginner, intermediate and advanced skill levels.

POWER HOUR Homework assistance is provided in the Power Hour program and Internet access and software are readily available for research papers. Available for older members are SAT workbooks, SAT Practice test with the assistance of the Kaplan Company, information on colleges, and encouragement to maintain the GPA necessary to apply for the Club scholarships and others.

TOMORROW’S LEADERS A ten-week programs that helps members 1) improve in school by offering free tutoring and homework help, 2) learn more about computers and how they work through Skill Tech I and II, and 3) develop great social skills by having relationships with caring adults and other youth at the club.

COMIC BOOK CLUB MEMBERS will be able to create comics of themselves via the website http://www.bitstrips.com/create/comic/ they will also be able to share the comics with each other. Every week the members will have to create a comic based on different topics of their choosing. On Mondays comic books are read and analyzed, topics are chosen members then create their comics on Wednesdays and share them with the class. On Fridays as an incentive for their hard work and commitment to this class a super hero movie of their choice will be screened.

SCRATCH ANIMATION A program designed by Microsoft specifically for kids. Through the use of this program, the members will learn programming basics and will create simple animation sprites.

NETSMARTZ Through the use of NetSmartz the younger members will learn about internet safety. This program will go over the topics of cyerbullying, inappropriate web content, not revealing too much information, as well as spam and online scams. The goal is that by the end of the program members will be more cautious about their online activities.

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